The Team

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The Team

Handpicked from some of the best medical event teams we assure professionalism

Craig McIntosh

Head of New Business

Clinical Team Leader - Callsign Romeo Mike

With a massive amount of experience in the events industry, Craig met the majority of the team whilst they worked at the same event some five years ago.

Craig has over 10 years experience as a rugby medic, 

Craig is also a K tape technician

Having developed his medical skills through underatking courses including Catastrophic Bleed management and Extracation, Craig is experienced in the events industry.

Dan Mahoney

Clinical Team Leader - Callsign Ditchman

Dan currently works as a civilian for the Ministry of Defense. As a civilian contractor Dan heads up medical teams on Royal Navy Vessels.

He has a wealth of experience working in the events sector as a medic and has been part of the initial setup and an advisor to Rugby Medics and Event medical team

Second To None

We believe we can supply the most experienced medical staff to your event, with the best value professional service.

We do not and will never supply any medical staff with a standard First Aid qualification.

Whilst we believe that First AId knowledge is important, we dont believe that this is a high enough skill level to be provided to the public at an event.

First Aid is literally care to apply a dressing to a wound or give CPR until a specialist in medical care steps in.

We are that specialist, why not cut out the middleman.

We provide kit similar to that of an Ambulance.

Including but not limited to.



SPO2 modules

Full Observation kit

Spinal Boards


Scoop Stretchers



Wound Closures




and more.

A first aider can only use dressings.

Isnt it time you used Event Medical Team LTD?

• Professional Medics

• Fully Equipped

• Insured

• Event Specialists

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