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Tv and Film Medical Support

Event Medical Team can provide highly trained medical staff to Tv and Film productions.

When filming it is important for your cast and crew to have a competent "medic" on set. 

What is a competent medic?

A competent medic is a trained member of medical staff who can sustain a casualty for a prolonged period of time should their be a delay on an Ambluance attending.

If the worst were to happen and somebody suffered a cardiac arrest on your set, our medical staff all carry defibrillators and lifesaving kit.

Did you know that every minute after 5 minutes a defibrillator is not used on a cardiac arrest patient their chance of survival dramatically reduces?

All our medical staff carry defibrillators, medical oxygen and airway management kit.

As well as administering first aid should it be needed.

Medics are not paid for what they do but what they may have to do if needed.

Contact us today for a quote and see how affordable our services are.

Film and Tv Medics

Experience is everything, all our film and tv medical staff must have served on the frontline and have shadowed a medic on set for a period of time before being allowed to work alone.

Fully equipped highly trained medical staff to your production at reasonable prices.

Daily stunt cover is available if needed.

We can provide medical staff for short or longterm filming.

In studio or location we are happy to provide a quote and advise on the level of cover to you.

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