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Event Medical Team Ltd

Specialists in Event Medical Cover, Film Sets

And First Aid Training

Who We Are

Event Medical Team Ltd are specialists in providing medical cover for large and small scale events, film and tv and sporting events.

We will only provide well qualified Medical Staff and not just first aiders.

Thats The difference between us and other companies.

We believe that First Aid qualifications are just that for the first step in the recovery chain.

However our staff go beyond that with FREC 3 or equivalent staff and above we can deal with most types of emergency.

From cuts to arterial bleeds

From whiplash to spinal trauma.

We are equipped to deal with all manner of injuries.

Most of our staff have worked on frontline ambulances or within the sports arena.

MOD medics and Physiotherapists.

Our Staff comprise of

Ambulance Officers



Ambulance Technician

FREC3 and above

FREC Trainers

Call us today for your event medical cover.

Our Story

Event Medical Team LTD was started by Craig McIntosh and other Event medical staff specialists

Craig decided at the time that there wasnt enough specialist medical staff providing the right care for Rugby matches.

Between them they started Rugby Medics.

After only 12 months Rugby Medics had grown. They had retained 100% of customers and increased their customer base four fold.

They decided the time was right to go back into public events as well as Rugby and Event Medical Team LTD was born.

With a large team of medical staff to choose from we can provide staff for most public events.

All staff are vetted by our management team and we make sure that the highest calibre of staff are provided to you.