About Us

Our Ethos

We strive to be different from other medical service providers by incorporating excellent customer service alongside our high standard of clinical care. We encourage our staff to embrace the event and only employ people who mirror our approach by being friendly and available. This ensures the public feel comfortable with the medical professional on site which is a valuable asset when they need to approach them with any medical concerns. We are passionate about providing an excellent service whilst keeping our prices reasonable as quality medical cover should be available to any event. Our reputation is important to us so continually re-assess how we are viewed by not only our customers, but our staff too. 


The Story of Event Medical Team

Our founder Craig came from a background of coaching girls/womens rugby and noticed the medical support available at matches and events were often first aid trained and couldn't manage the more critical rugby injuries that can happen. This inspired him to expand on his own training and he began with his first steps along the FREC pathway. 

During this training Craig found his passion for all things medical and his love of helping people, so he began offering his services to other rugby clubs and events. As the demand for his support grew, so did the team around him. He began 'handpicking' medical professionals who mirrored his vision and expanded their service into bigger public events. They soon realised the demand for better clinical care within the event sector and have continued growing their customer base ever since with a 100% retention rate of all customers. Event Medical Team now includes customers such as Tulley's Farm Shocktober, Tulley's Christmas, Pride events, music festivals and much more. 

During the pandemic Event Medical Team was approached to supply unit medics on to TV & Film productions. This created a whole new branch to the service called TV Medics which has continued to grow thanks to the excellent reputation of the medical professionals we supply. TV Medics now works alongside productions within BBC, ITV, Netflix, Marvel and many more. 

Craig McIntosh

Managing Director